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My name is Darlene Wetherington and I am a certified Functional Cannabis Coach. I help people identify and move toward their personal goals by recognizing what is good in their lives but also to guide them through challenges and mindsets that hold them back from fulfilling their dream of a healthy mind and body.   My main focus is on chronic pain, anxiety, depression, stress and sleep issues.  Are you an individual who suffers chronic pain and want relief? Depression, anxiety and stress plague our society daily.  Are you one of the sufferers? How is your sleep? Are you one of the millions who depend on OTC sleep aids or prescription sleeping pills?

​​My programs are NOT for everyone, but if you count yourself as

one of the people who experiences any of the above, I can help you IF...


You are actively suffering from chronic pain, depression, stress, anxiety and/or sleeplessness and feel like its keeping you from being present in your life and for your loved ones.

​You are an ACTION TAKER who follows directions. That means you're coach-able, decisive, and resourceful. (Don't worry - I won't ask you to do anything crazy or risky)

If you are ready to make gentle, manageable changes in your daily life with the conscious use of cannabis, then I can help you. Book your free call now to discover a new path to feeling good in your body and mind.

(If that's NOT YOU, that's okay! There are other ways we can connect)

This call is not for you IF:

1.  ​You just want to get on the phone to ask me a million questions about making tinctures and edibles or have me do some dosage math with you.  I would love to do that with you, but that's a different session.

2.  You just want to know what strain of cannabis is good for what ails you. I offer informational calls as a separate session and they can be very helpful.  My  coaching sessions require a much deeper commitment to transformation, making it more impactful and powerful.

Cannabis as medicine is powerful and so are you. If you're ready to tap into your body's intuition, wisdom and strength, and have a pleasurable experience in the process, then book a call today to find out what your possibilities are.

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Sat on the Rocks
“We know what we are, but not what we may be”

William Shakespeare

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Sessions Currently Offered


  • Free Consultation:  If you want information about what I do or what my programs are about or if you have questions related to cannabis in general or want to know more about why medical cannabis is so effective for healing, book a free informational session.

  • My Discovery call is geared toward the individual who is ready to make transformational changes in their body and mind.  If you are thinking about signing up for the 12-Week Transformation program, book a Discovery call first so we can assess your needs and wants and, together, we can design your individual program and make sure it is a good fit for you.

  • The 90 Day Transformation (Beta) is for the individual who is ready to commit to 90 days of instruction and guidance in the use of cannabis and other wellness tools for chronic pain, depression, anxiety, stress and sleeplessness.  This program is not for everyone.  It requires your utmost desire for change and a deep commitment.  Please book an Invitation session beforehand so we can assess your needs and place you in the best program for you.

  • Follow Up-Additional Support.  My support sessions are for those individuals who need just a little extra support after completion of the 12-week program or would like to extend the program to help with problematic recurring issues.

  • Demonstrations:  Would you like to host a presentation at your location?  If you are within 50 miles of my zip code area (95350), I offer demonstrations in making salves, edibles, tinctures, or extracts.  The host/hostess will receive a special reduced fee of $0  for allowing me to use their choice of location (usually their own kitchen and home) with a limit of 6 additional attendees.  The fee for my demonstrations includes all supplies, equipment, and instructional material as well as resource material. See the booking screen for details and to book a demonstration. 

  • Energized Weight Loss: I'm so excited to bring you this program!  It is like nothing you have ever seen before and DOES NOT INVOLVE AN EATING PLAN! We will set the foundation for success and follow through with information that will change the way you think about weight and what foods you need for optimal nutrition and sustained energy as well as foods that feed your soul.  There are 12 weekly individual one hour sessions as well as 12 weekly one-hour group sessions (optional ) where we will all gather and support each other through guidance and exchange of personal experiences.  This is a CLOSED group with a cap at ten attendees so don't delay, sign up now!  The total fee for 12 weeks is only $1497.   There is a WAITING LIST so go to the Subscribe page, scroll to the bottom and add your email to the subscription list with a note that you are interested in the ENERGIZED WEIGHT LOSS program.  Sign up now to save your spot!  In addition, if you sign up and you bring a friend who signs up, you both will get an additional discount!   Call me if you have any questions; it's a free call! 


How-To Videos and tutorials featuring tinctures, topicals and edibles!

Individualized Approach

Support That Makes a Difference

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Follow Up-Additional Support

90 Day Transformation (Beta)

If there is anything in your life that you would like to change, this is the the heart of the process. We will meet for one hour each week for 12 weeks with additional support online, by phone or through email.  You will receive one-on-one coaching along with all the instructional material and resources  you need to accomplish your goals.  You will have my full support and my commitment to be there for you on every step of your journey to wellness.

Wandering Traveler

If you find you need additional support after completing the 90 Day Transformation, you can book additional sessions here.  Perhaps you need extra help with a recurring issue or just want more instruction on a particular subject.  I can help you with that!

Energized Weight Loss


Here it is!  I know this is what you all have been waiting for and it won't disappoint because this is a program that is unlike anything you have ever tried.  It's gentle, relaxed, and non-judgemental; you are in the driver's seat.  This is a limited closed group and there is a wait list.  Subscribe to get the full details.

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Consultation - No Charge

​If you are just curious, let's talk!  I love talking about cannabis!  Ask anything about me, what I do and what my sessions are about.  Maybe you would like to know more about cannabis in general.  Perhaps you need help deciphering the recent changes to cannabis laws and regulations or need help wading through the mountains of scientific research.  I can help you.  


When you are ready to make the commitment to begin your 90 Day Transformation, I will invite you to talk with me about what you need and want to transform.  Together we will find out how to best design your specific program so you get the full benefits of the coaching sessions.  Remember that there are no judgements here and your information is held in the strictest confidence.


If you have any questions or just want to say "Hi", send me an email. I would love to hear from you!